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Lift share online

Car_2 This year's venue for ruralnet|2006 is Centre Parcs, Sherwood Forest and all delegates will have access to bicycles for the duration of the conference. 

However if you intend to 'go green' from the start, then why not share a lift?  Delegates are coming from all over the UK so if you need a lift , or can spare a seat then let others know here.

All you have to do is leave a comment in this post starting with either WANTED (if you need a lift) or OFFERING (if you have some spare space in your vehicle) and saying where you are coming from.

Check back regularly and see if someone else out there can help.


anyone else coming up from Cambridge by train early Wednesday ... or arriving at the train station early that would want to share a taxi to centre parcs?

or that would want to do a ride share from Cambridge?

travelling from Barnard Castle area early wednesday.....by car and could share??

Travelling from Chapel on le Frith area early wed and return, 3 spare seats on offer?

I am planning to get the train from Tiverton parkway but if anyone is travelling by car from the Bideford/Barnstaple area on the 10th I'd be glad of a lift.

Travelling from Cheshire (Middlewich) on evening of 10th and have three spare seats (four at a squeeze!). Call 01948 871314 / 07768 934583 or email.

I made a flippant remark that I'd cycle from Leicester and someone seems to be holding me to this. As I planned to arrive for the start on Thursday I've obviously not quite thought it through but there it is - I've gone public now! (not offering a lift by the way but co -cyclists welcome!)

I'll probably be coming down to the area from mid-Lancs on the day before(10th), leaving late afternoon. Could offer one or two places, please e-mail me directly if interested.

I am travelling from Cambridge and haven't worked out whether to train or drive - happy to fit in with others. I will be going up Wednesday a.m. and staying for the duration

Mr Ahlquist - you are a star! I hadn't thought of cycling but I'm up for cycling too (it will get me out of loading and unloading the minibus). What about:
10/10/06 (Tues)
8:00am - I depart from Rugby for Leicester (25 miles)
10:30am - We both leave Leicester - 1st leg - (22 miles)
12:30am - Pub lunch somewhere
13:30pm - 2nd leg to Center Parcs (20 miles)
16:30pm - Arrive and register (receive hereos' welcome etc)
16:45pm - A quick dip in the pool
18:00pm - Bar, buffet etc as per conference programme
My bike has SatNav so I will take responsibility for the route and we won't get lost (promise)
Are there any other cyclists out there?

I am not coming far - Gainsborough (Lincolnshire) but if anybody wants a lift and is almost on route I would be happy to oblige.

If not I'll see you at the conference.

Best Wishes

Ok Mr Berry you're on. I will arrange refreshment break at Leicester. (I think I'll need to get a new bike for this as my last longish ride just about finished off my current crate - you recommend those little wheeled thingies dont you?)
Any other takers?

Travelling from Chapel-en-le-Frith on the Tuesday pm, as I want to make the early session on market towns - happy to offer lifts or be driven.

I am driving from Stoke but not sure of timings yet and could offer a lift en route.

I would have preferred to travel by train BUT Central Trains no longer run through from Stoke to Nottingham and even then we have to arrange the final leg!

I shall be complaining about East-West Cross Country train services. We have had been spoilt with Virgin North - South West Cross Country (originally every 30 mins) BUT now they will be broken up and we shall always have to change in Birmingham.

I shall be travelling up from Penzance on Monday 9th October and will have 3 spare seats. I intend to arrive in the evening, to rest up and be up bright and breezy for Tuesday morning.
E-mail me if anyone is interested in a car share.

I am coming from Oxford and was intending to take the train the night before (10th) and would be interested if there is a lift going

I will be travelling from South Somerset on Wednesday morning to arrive (about) late a.m. I could potentially offer a lift although still looking at trains as well.

I am now coming up by train as there are no takers for a lift share.
I think the "Getting to Sherwood is easy by rail or road" is far more difficult than easy. My first attempt at gaining travelling information, I was given Rufford via Preston, my geography is not that bad. I will come up to Newark Northgate by rail, then find out about the bus service onwards. Malcolm

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