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Photos from ruralnet|2007


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chris conder

They probably do exagerate it in order to get more funding to pay their wages and keep their jobs. We are very priveleged to live in rural areas, but if there is funding available it should go straight into the heart of the area and not be siphoned off by agencies before it gets there. As a rural group working to provide wireless broadband to farmers who can't get adsl we have had no support at all. If we had one-legged, blind, ethnic, femaleover50, illegal immigrant homeless people in our villages we would have had the agencies falling over themselves to help us. All we want to do is keep britain farming, keep rural industry evolving and prospering, not get involved in ticking boxes which cost the vast proportion of funding available for the privelege...

Simon Berry

Hi Chris - so pleased you could join us, even though your presence was just virtual. You will be pleased to know that your contribution was read out and received a thunderous applause. Those who know you guessed who it was before your name was read out!

The 'impartial' judge was rather dismissive, I have to say, and mumbled something about a rant!!

Hope to see you in person again next year. Regards to all who know us in South Witham.


Hi Simon,
did you delete my thankyou reply?
It was there last night and it is gone today...

Mick Partis

Hi Chris

I'm not aware of anyone deleting your reply, but I'll have a root around in the typepad account to see if there is any trace! I was one of the people that thought "that's Chris" when your question was read out - hope to see you in person next time.

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