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Photos from ruralnet|2007


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Mark Firth - Yorkshire Forward

Dear all 
Thanks for a good event, informative and entertaining.  Congratulations to all involved.

I have looked at the reports on the website - a couple of comments

The coverage of John Grimshaw's presentation missed a couple of things that particularly struck me -

•The negative correlation between cycling and walking to school and work and obesity across European countries

•Bold and provocative suggestions on increasing targets for the reduction of CO2 gases and how this might be done.

Mark Firth

Malcolm Lawrence

The supply of cycles for our use to go around the Centre Park was brilliant. Being of very Senior years with a long time lapse of using a cycle, I would have very much liked the use of some Adult Stabalisers to use.

Once again a magnifisent Conference, with the standard of care and assistance from Ruralnet Staff well above and beyond the call of duty. Many thanks to you all


Malcolm Lawrence

I would again make the recomendation I made at the Sustrans presentation. Catch the First National Bus Service or the National Rail Service to Penzance and Hire a Bicycle to ride around Mounts Bay, one the Four most beatifull Bays in the World. No being caught in any Traffic Hold-ups Speelling??)
This is Gods own Country

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