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Graham Webster

Good luck! The NS looks great, cool headlights!

Thanks Graham. I am now looking critically at weight and the lights will have to come off I think!


Simon, I would *strongly* recommend keeping a rear light, I dont know for sure that it stopped me being run over but there were some very low vis situations (caused by rain) where I was very glad I had one. I had one of those flashing LED ones, weighed the square root of b*gg*r all.

Again good advice. Thanks Joe. I think I will also use a flashing white one for the front as well just as an extra thing that people may notice. The trouble with the ones in the picture is that they come with two batteries that look like sticks of dynamite and weigh a ton. And i have resolved not to cycle in the dark . . .

Chris Wade

Strangely, it seems a question of great minds think alike! -all will be revealed at Centre Parcs (assuming I make it!).

Good luck with your summer saunter!




Wishing you all the best and great success for this good cause.

From all at Muslim Khatri Assoc


Simon A

Good luck Simon, wish I was coming with you!

Will be checking on your progress.


Steve M

Good Luck Simon, hope all goes well!

Brian Roberts

Hi Simon all the best we will be supporting you i may even join you on a stage but i need to look at work comittments first.


Simon very best of luck from Leonard and Foyer @ Croydon UK Online Centre.

Doreen Frusher

You're mad but best of luck!
Doreen Frusher
Voluntary & Community Actions (Stroud District)
(previously Stroud Volunteer Centre)

Sampson Anaman

Best Luck Simon, hope all goes well. Will be checking on your progress.


Thanks for the info and good luck with the ride.





I like my two-wheels powered by a v-twin engine and I don't do technology! - so I've forwarded your mail to others who might be interested in supporting you. Hope this helps.

Wishing you every success


Maggie at Adult Education Coventry

Good luck, you're a brave bloke. I've enjoyed reading your journal to date and look forward to keeping uptodate with your progress. Hope the weather is kind to you.

Best wishes, Maggie & colleagues at AES

Barrie Duke

Hi Simon
I thought I had the market on crazy stuff - but I pale at the thought of riding over 100 miles day. Are you running a book on this stunt? The weather in Devon is so awful we're back in winter clothes, indoors, braving wind and constant rain and I only leave home in a 4 x 4.
I suggest you add a snorkel and windsail to your equipment list and possibly a couple of floats for stabilisers plus a good front and rearlight. Sunny Devon awaits.
I guess I must be unfit. I managed 3 miles in 15 mins last week [yes - on my bike] to Okehampton.
Keep up the training - tracking you online is the only way I'll ever get to John O Groats.

Barrie Duke

Another thought - oh no! - some cyclists have a wand that sticks out with a reflector on their offside. Stops people overtaking an inch off your pedal!

Sue Margetson

Hi Simon,

Best of luck! I will be with you (in spirit!!)

Sue M

Nigel Boldero

Best of luck Simon. I'll be in your planned area on 30th (just leaving Tavistock for Heathrow), so our paths won't cross, but I'll be thinking of you!

Ellie Stoneley

Simon you are an absolute star ... best of luck, enjoy the ride and now I know the sun will come out next week to see you on your way

will follow your cycle-cam ... a worthy alternative to Big Brother ... and if you want to re-route via Cambridge we are all waiting to buy you lunch ... if not it will have to be a celebratory pint when you get back

just one quick question ... does this mean you will be waxing your thighs?!

be safe and congratulations on your endeavour
ellie x

Chris B

Hi Simon.

Good luck with your bike ride. I hope it raises the amount of money that you hope.



Sean Carlin


Sean here from Lettershandoney & District Community Group just outside of Derry, North of Ireland.
I would like to wish you all the best for this event and know you will do well. All our best wishes to your team and enjoy a worthwhile and unique occasion.

We are currently one of many rural groups in the North whose funding has come to an end and we are trying to raise money for continuing projects but will endeavour to make some donation if possible to assist your good intentions.

Good luck,


Thanks for this Sean. Sorry to hear about your funding problems. You would be a prime candidate for free access to our online systems and annual conference which is what I am cycling for.

Please let us know if we can help.





All the very best of luck for your trip, although I'm sure you won't need it. It's a very exciting adventure and one our former colleague Sam did last year, which he thoroughly enjoyed. However I would have been more impressed had you run the distance, that would have appealed much more to a running geek like myself!! Take care and enjoy.


PS - How many parish councils are you taking in on the way? Picture of you and the bike beside every parish noticeboard please! More than ten equals a few pints when we catch up next!!

John I

Dear Simon - so pleased to see just how mad you are!

We send you our best wishes on your journey and will check out your progress - best of luck, weather and muscles!




Johann Tasker

Hi Simon -

You're a brave man!

I wish you all the best and although your route is on the "wrong side" of the country for me to be able to cheer you on in person I will definitely be following your trip on the internet with interest!

On a fund-raising note, Ruralcity Media will sponsor you at the rate of 10p for each mile cycled, with a guaranteed minimum donation to the Participation Fund of £100.

I'll arrange for a cheque to be sent once the trip is completed just in case you get completely carried away and decide to clock up more miles by cycling all the way back to Stoneleigh from John O'Groats!

Keep those wheels rolling,



Brave sod. Very best of luck . I will give you a fiver next time I see you. Regards David.

Rupert Dick

Have they checked you out for two things.

Extra support in the crouch area and mental stability.
I think Land's End to John O'Groats is better then John O'Groats to Land's End at least there is a chance the wind will be behind you.

Good Luck and don't look back.

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