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Paul H

Hi Simon.

What an amazing journey! I don't know what is being pushed to limit more - your legs or the technology?!

What amazes me is that you can blog your journey with your Treo and I'm following it on my phone via the blog's RSS feed through www.bloglines.com . In fact I'm even posting this comment from my phone...brilliant and so much easier than cycling. Good luck and see you back in sunny (and it really is!) Stoneleigh.

Cheers Paul

Matthew Berry


Sorry to hear about the spill! Happy Birthday for tomorrow (well it's 12:07 EST so it's today)! I'm sure you must be feeling like you're on the home stretch.


Simon Bland


fantastic journey, so far, thanks for sharing it. half jealous in a wish i was there way, half realistic, looks great from behind my bowl of frosties. See you on Friday, and will understand if you cannot sit down (or stand up), very best wishes, Simon


Hi Simon!

Wow - you seem to be riding through some stunning scenery at the moment.

Congratulations on the ride so far - and good luck with the rest!

Johann Tasker

I've almost worn myself out just reading your blog - goodness knows how I would feel if I spent 10 days in the saddle, even if it was custom made!

The finish post is in sight (metaphorically if not literally) and thank you for taking us all on a really motivating journey.

Good luck with those last few miles.


Kath Acres

Yikes, I'm dreading the bike ride from the center parc car park to the ruralnet conference in October. Do I need to do a blogg? Will I have the right bike with the right gismos on board?

What a fantastic (and challenging, I'm sure) trip you have had.

See you Friday.


Bill Perrett

Wow, almost there! You know, some of us thought your planned itinerary a little ambitious - I am delighted to be proved wrong.



Joan Soutar



It was those Hash Browns that helped.


Jennie Sutton


Well done for actually getting out on your saddle & getting on with it. We all talk about doing but never acting on it.
You'll also be so much slimmer & fitter at the end of it all (not that I know how slim or fit you were before the ride).



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