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Robin R

Dear Simon,
What a great project. Congratulations.
Libby has put this up on www.glinet.org on our Home page news with an intro
which I hope you will appreciate-look at full version.
Congratulations again
best wishes

Thanks Robin - I like the new website.



WOW, good luck Simon!!. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near the route so can't join you for a pub lunch (One of my favourite things!!!) I've had just a quick look at your web page and found the 'don't wear pants' comment a bit scary...is that in general or just for the ride!!!???

Have a great trip.


Just keep an eye on the blog (and your pants)


Elizabeth Gray-King

Hi Simon!

Best of luck, O crazy one. I found that reflective trouser straps are good as they bounce up and down as I cycle, letting followers know there is a mad person on a cycle up ahead. Now, seeing those shorts.... lets me know you don't need trouser clips, but the reflectors would work just the same.

Have a wonderful experience!

Malcolm Moseley

Simon, I always thought that really craetive people were a little bit crazy. Now I'll have to rethink the 'little bit' !! Good luck Malcolm

Ron D

Hi Simon

A note to wish you well with yur mad but very worthwhile exercise. You know i support every effort to bring ruralnet to everyone in every

I do not suppose I will see you despite your visit to Cornwall because on the day you will be near me, I will be in London (if that makes sense !)

I will sponsor you for say 25p per mile in Cornwall which will work out somewhere around £25 . Please note your milesage as you cross over Greystone Bridge into England ie just east of Launceston.

Good luck. I will follow your progress



Cheers Ron

I will note the mileage and may even do a few 'runs around the block' before I cross the border!

With very best wishes


sylvia brown

Hi Simon
I suspect you're well on your way now, so best of luck. I've come to the happy conclusion that some things in life are better left to you youngsters to achieve and the rest of us can simply admire and congratulate from a safe distance!


Thanks Sylvia

End of first day today - only 870 miles or so to go


Mike Gillespie


Just to wish you the very best of luck. Looks like you are having a brilliant time. Sadly I am on holiday or else would gladly have sorted something out sooner - We will speak later in the month and I will sort out something for sponsorship then.



Many thanks Mike - all in a good cause!



Nikki Boileau

Hi Simon,

Wishing you all the best for the rest of your journey.

Reading your comments is a guilty reminder about the training I should be doing for the half marathon I'm running in in October!

Good luck



Thanks Nikki

Tell you what, I will ride and shout encouragement, and you can run along beside...

Regards Simon


Enjoying your blog - you are a star! Good luck - hope you raise lots of dosh, & also that it stops raining ...



All the best, have fun!!

Good luck


Rob Gullen

Shame you were so late arriving at Yallands in Taunton - we were served a cream tea in the garden when we got there last year.

Keep on pedalling - we told you it was uphill to JOG!


Simon Marshall

Hi, Simon I arrived at work to be presented with one of your gussets on my desk aaaargh .

It's taken me till 11 to recover.

Anyhow I have your suppllies (including fresh shorts hence gusset coment) for tomorrow and I will meet you at lunch, I am still smoking and have miserably failed to get any training rides in this week. So I am only joining you for the afternoon leg (what a wuss).

I will see you at church stretton at lunch time ride to whitchurch and then train it back to church stretton to drive home.

Well done so far Keep it up!!!!

Stay off the motorway,s (isn't there a ignore motorways option on the GPS )

If you ignore this advice then I suggest the following :- Suggest you attatch a sutably elastic piece of clothing to passing truck (back to gussets again) and watch the average MPH soar. 1/2 mile before exit whip out the trusty swiss army knife, snip and you are away.

ps Dunc your polite and obedient subordiate says get a ****ing move on.

Johann Tasker

Glad you're making good progress Simon. We are logging on at least twice a day to see how you are doing! Somerset looks great!

Keep up the good work,



Hi Simon

Good luck on this mad escapade. Puts my 3.2 mile Race for Life into the shade a little!

Is this really just an excuse for a very long pub crawl though? Seems you'll be passing a few!



Thanks MJ - Care to join me for a pint?


Pete Gray

Hi Simon, Keep it going.... Elizabeth and I are going to be in Portsmouth over the weekend but I guess that's probably a detour too far

Best wishes,



Hi Simon! I am SO glad you have some level cycling for a while! I keep trying to get my body/brain/mind 'round what you are doing and I just can't get there. My HUGE admiration for what you are doing and why you are doing it. Bowing and scraping and roughing up of knees happens when I see you next.

Lots of good wishes,


Hi Simon, Keep up the good work! We are all thinking of you back at the office.

You are doing a great thing, just enjoy it!



Thanks Clancy - When is the coffee on?



Hi Simon

hope it is still going well. Will remind Geoff of the "caravan" comment.
Can't imagine cycling this huge distance, but sure you will complete the challenge. Do you get 'saddle sores', and what happens when they burst?
We are all rooting for you and hoping the weather is not too unkind.
Take care.


Thanks Hazel,

Regarding your personal enquiry, I promise to show you the damage when I get back seeing as you are interested;-)


Bill Perrett

My early morning run seemed hard work today, then I thought of you and got stuck in, result best time yet!

Good luck with the rest of the ride!



Thanks Bill!


Ann Menzies- Blythe

Ooh you brave and stalwart man . I wish you all the very best, and may the wind be ever at your back...!
Kindest regards,


Thanks Ann!

No luck with wind, but the sentiment is right!


Matthew Berry


I've been reading your blog with interest since the start - since then I've been searching for the perfect witty entry to post here. Haven't come up with it yet, but I realised you might be finished before I did!

Anyway keep going! Good luck the rest of the way!!



Coast to Coast USA next? You coming?



All the best Simon, sorry could not meet up with you.

Best wishes

Coverage in the local paper:


Best wishes



Thanks Mohammed - that's better than my local paper has come up with!


Bob Henderson

Well done Simon and in this case Luke. You are nearly there,everyone is cheering for you.

Paul Aviss

Good luck on a fantastic adventure - am hoping to do the same next year but probably take twice as long! Look forward to hearing of your route and stories in due course


Well done Simon, nearly there now. We are all so proud of you, and hoping you will make it without too many more mis-haps.
Keep smiling

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