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Looking at your Magellan reminded me of a small improvement that I made to the mount on my Magellan. If your mount is the same as mine, then water can (will) pool in the bottom. I drilled a small hole in it so the bottom of the GPS unit wasn't permanently sitting in a pool of water. Also, and on a similar topic, I'd recommend you take a number of different sized ziplock-type plastic bags with you, so that your 'stuff' (especially any electronics) can be sealed and you can cover the GPS on especially bad days*. I also lined the inside of my waterproof panniers with bin bags just to be sure, driving rain has a habit of making its way though 'waterproof' anything!


* As I recall the waterproofness of these devices, its usually something like 'submerged for 30 minutes to a depth of a foot'. Well, on some of our days in the scottish rain I think we easily exceeded that!

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