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Daniel Heery

Hi Simon - I might catch you around Shap / Penrith section as I am not doing anything that Saturday at the moment. What is you starting / end point that day?

Elizabeth Gray-King

Crazy people are always the best. Have a great time and we will look forward to watching progress!!

Sara & Martin

We Shall be in Bolton/Manchester on 2nd/3rd June. Wd be great to meet 4 lunch or dinner. Sara XXX

David and Frances

Dear Simon
It sounds amazing that you are going to dash the distance in 10 days by bike. We do B&B if it is of interest and might be able to put you up if you are passing through Drymen. You could phone us to let us know when you or if you will be looking for B&B nearer the time.

We have a web site:
for more details.

Good luck with your bike trip. IF you have time to stop for lunch then I would recommend the Clachan Inn in the middle of Drymen village. It is not necessary to book for

Our Wireless Mesh network is still going strong on ADSL.

Kind regards

David & Frances


Thanks David - will look into the lunch option - I have my beds booked now... if I can reach them all by nightfall! if you get a late and lonely knock, you'll know who it is!

Really pleased about the mesh network.

Regards, Simon


Unable to be in Okehampton today. The main street is full of pubs. Keep up the good travelling!


I can try and catch up with you sometime on Friday late afternoon in Penrith, if you are up to it??
werewill you be?
Best wishes


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