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Tricia on day 5

You absolute stars - I just knew you'd do it - I am so proud of you all - well done.
This will make you smile. Arrived home today to find our light weight helmets, jods and (for me only) a very sensible pair of large padded knickers for our ride in India - no commando for me boys!!
Safe & speedy cycling tomorrow. I'll be ploughing back up the motorway in the horse box with Imogen for her first attempt at British Eventing at some random place between Ludlow & Kidderminster - another day map reading! We'll be busy plaiting and grooming by 7.30 a.m. ready to be on the road for 8.45 - wish us luck. Love to you all

Julian Kay


Hope the electric bike is paying dividends - has anyone sussed you out yet?! You look a little blurred on the latest photo - the strain really must be getting to you.

Keep on pedalling one and all...


Brilliant! Well done guys! Hope it's plain sailing from here and that you can keep on track. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress. Hope you got the text saying what a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational ride I had with you. Good luck for the remainder. Must go out now and cut some more hedgerows and replace some more signs! The "iron-on" ones on the Lawrence Weston Greenway are going to be installed this week and hopefully will be vandal proof.


Glad to see you all together. Ian, quite a few cynics are surprised you got this far - The Porcas tribe to name some!!! Good to prove them wrong eh? Can't believe I already knew James from work, it was great to see him again. See you soon and keep pedalling all of you, you are doing brilliantly. Emma xx


Just realised I posted a message on the wrong site, this blog lark is all a bit high tech for me, anyhow this was meant for Ian -
"Cynical Porcas here.
What's all this about electric bikes then? Sue reckons you've been hitching.
Anyhow, where the hell is Glossop, somewhere near Bristol? I can't believe you've got any further
How's the bum? Emma says " blood orange comes to mind ", the mind boggles.
Oh, Emma just told Glossop is oop north, bloody hell, you've been going some!
The Porcae are impressed, keep it oop!"
Well done and good luck to all of you.
Graham and Sue

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